Best Jeans For Curvy Women – CJ by Cookie Johnson

Only within the past couple of years has the fashion enterprise visible the likes of elegant denim denims made for ladies with curvy figures. Now the that means of the word “curvy” in regular speech may be up for debate, however in the eyes of the fashion enterprise, it means girls who have distinctly small waists in share to their hips and thighs. If you’ve ever heard of “body typing,” then this means your common pear fashioned or hourglass discern. Currently, there are simplest two primary brands of curvy jeans: PZI Jeans and CJ through Cookie Johnson Jeans. Sure, some organizations like Gap or Levi’s produce one style of “curvy jean,” however these brands light in assessment to the form of patterns you can find from the two organizations listed underneath:

PZI Jeans

PZI Jeans units itself other than the opposition by using being the first entire line devoted to creating denims that suit shapely ladies’s our bodies. If you regularly struggle to locate denims that match round your ample hips and thighs, those jeans are made with your frame kind in mind. For this purpose on my own, PZI has a faithful patronage of women who will inform you that those jeans fit and flatter their curvaceous bodies. Now in terms of styles available, the query to ask right here isn’t whether you could discover skinny denims, cropped jeans, or wide leg denims for curvy girls, but rather what fashion of denims CAN’T you find by shopping PZI Jeans? Within their series of thin jeans alone, there are over 10 unique patterns to select from. Also no matter if you’re short or tall, you could order jeans with the correct inseam duration.

CJ by way of Cookie Johnson Jeans

CJ by using Cookie Johnson was perhaps the second one sole style denim line to get dressed ladies with curvy figures. Originally created via former basketball movie star, Magic Johnson’s wife, these jeans also provide heaps of stretch to healthy voluptuous figures with larger hips and thighs. TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey featured those jeans as one of her “favorites” at the Oprah show after CJ by Cookie Johnson released in 2009. No doubt, these denims are an instantaneous competitor with PZI Jeans. Despite all of the accolades (and who wouldn’t want an endorsement from Oprah Winfrey!), PZI Jeans still has a “leg up” at the opposition by way of having a much wider range of available styles. CJ by using Cookie Johnson additionally lacks the capacity to buy denims in short, tall, or greater tall.

All matters considered, it looks like PZI Jeans win the current Battle for Best Jeans for Curvy Women because of more current styles to choose from and a more inexpensive rate tag. PZI Jeans are a good deal more low cost than CJ by using Cookie Johnson – evaluate an $eighty vs $one hundred forty-$150 rate tag, respectively. PZI Jeans are sold in most important department stores, including Macy’s, but you may additionally order all of their patterns online. CJ with the aid of Cookie Johnson is currently sold in Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus branch stores, as well as a few on line stores like Amazon. Maybe through the years, CJ by Cookie Johnson will enlarge its line to rival that of PZI Jeans, but as of now, the 5 years of greater experience within the fashion enterprise has PZI Jeans winning the name of best jeans for curvy ladies, palms down.

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